Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FanSlave: a smart tool to Gain FB and Twitter Fans

Are YOU a Facebook enthusiasts? A Twitter follower? Are you using these social network sites to promote your business and get huge clients for your products? However, Not many may know that Facebook and Twitter can also be a source of ONLINE EARNING FROM HOME! Thanks to FanSlave that this is possible. I tried and see how my FB page will gain fans and be connected to many people worldwide in a day and I was amazed how in 24hrs, I got 20 followers on my tweets and 12 likes on my Facebook pages!!

FanSlave is a great engine to gain real human fans for your FB pages and tweets! Aside from that it is a way to EARN MONEY for FREE simply by liking other FB pages and following Tweets!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trusted Paid to Click sites PTC/BUX

Earning money through the internet without having to spend anything is no longer a mystery. Here are few of my trusted PTC/bux that I recommend you to join. Please click on the name of the site to bring you to it's official site as there lots of PTC that scam!
  •  Clicksense: Another trusted site paying without problem. It just that one have to be patient if you plan to sign up without intention of getting referrals. I got my first payment (without referrals) only after  6 months! Minimum cash out is 8 USD for free members. It pays via Paypal and more.
  •  Neobux:Well trusted in the PTC bux world!Paying since 2008.
  • Breizh PTC: This is a French website offering really good rates on PTC and the owner is really honest and responsive. Payment is from 1 Euro via Paypal. If you cannot undertand french but interested in joining, you can SEE HERE for the English translation of the page. Just do not forget to add 789 or 378 in the sponsor box to complete registration. Countries accepted are: France and rest of EUROPE, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ALGERIA, MOROCCO.
  •  Veuro: a new site that offers free actions from different parner sites. Actions vary from signing up to newsletter to creating account. All actions are free and you get paid for doing it.