Saturday, November 24, 2012

Refund your unused Top Up or Prepaid Mobile Credits

With Remboursez Votre (Top UP Refund), you can simply and rapidly turn your phone credits to cash. How it works?
This site: Remboursez Votre Forfait give you the chance to take back your extra mobile credits into cash by simply making an account for free with their site. From their site, you have lots of special numbers to call. You have to make sure that you are connected on your account when making a call to these numbers. For each call or text message send that you pay via your mobile credits, you get 60-70% percent of what you paid in a matter of seconds.
For example, if you make a call to one of the numbers they propose that costs 1,37 euros, you get 1,00 euros cash back in a matter of seconds, transferred to your Remboursez Votre forfait account.
All of these calls are not added into your telephone bill but rather deducted from your mobile credit.

Make sure that your mobile subscription is qualified for refund. If you have a top up account or pre-paid account, there is no problem, you can get back all your unused credit or loads before they expires.

All cash earn via the site are paid in a matter of minutes via paypal, or check or money transfer.
Countries accepted for the moment are: France, France outre-mer, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Netherlands, Romania


Friday, March 23, 2012

DonkeyMails: All in One Site

DonkeyMails, paying since 2005 is one of the trusted site on online earning.With this site, one can do paid to click, paid to promote, paid to review, paid to surf, read paid emails, do surveys and more!
Cash out for this site is 1 USD and it is easy to earn.
If you want to know more and experience an online earning that you can do in just one site, just check out the banner below to bring you its official site. It's free to join!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Links to Cash!:  Le royaume du TigreHere is another good way to ea...

Links to Cash!:  Le royaume du TigreHere is another good way to ea...:   Le royaume du Tigre Here is another good way to earn some cash on the internet. Its is called le royaume du Tigre . For those located in...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zurker: Be a share holder of a social network!

Zurker is a new social network that is preparing it's launch worldwide to finally change the way social networks are controlled. As users of Zurker, you are also an investor and a part time owner!
Getting in only through invitation so, for those who are interested, here is a code invites for you:

There are dozens if not hundreds of social applications on the web. All of them want your time, and most of them want you to help them grow by referring your friends. But why should you? The only people who benefit when those apps grow are the founders and their investors. They stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars each if their product takes off, so it's no wonder they keep pressuring you to help them grow.
At Zurker, you are a co-owner and an investor. You can earn vShares by referring your friends. The more friends you invite, the more equity you earn. Zurker becomes better, and better, as more people join, increasing in value. As Zurker becomes more valuable, your stake becomes more valuable.
Like any other social network, we ask you to refer your friends. We ask you to do some work. But we make sure you get a slice of the pie in return.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FanSlave: a smart tool to Gain FB and Twitter Fans

Are YOU a Facebook enthusiasts? A Twitter follower? Are you using these social network sites to promote your business and get huge clients for your products? However, Not many may know that Facebook and Twitter can also be a source of ONLINE EARNING FROM HOME! Thanks to FanSlave that this is possible. I tried and see how my FB page will gain fans and be connected to many people worldwide in a day and I was amazed how in 24hrs, I got 20 followers on my tweets and 12 likes on my Facebook pages!!

FanSlave is a great engine to gain real human fans for your FB pages and tweets! Aside from that it is a way to EARN MONEY for FREE simply by liking other FB pages and following Tweets!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trusted Paid to Click sites PTC/BUX

Earning money through the internet without having to spend anything is no longer a mystery. Here are few of my trusted PTC/bux that I recommend you to join. Please click on the name of the site to bring you to it's official site as there lots of PTC that scam!
  •  Clicksense: Another trusted site paying without problem. It just that one have to be patient if you plan to sign up without intention of getting referrals. I got my first payment (without referrals) only after  6 months! Minimum cash out is 8 USD for free members. It pays via Paypal and more.
  •  Neobux:Well trusted in the PTC bux world!Paying since 2008.
  • Breizh PTC: This is a French website offering really good rates on PTC and the owner is really honest and responsive. Payment is from 1 Euro via Paypal. If you cannot undertand french but interested in joining, you can SEE HERE for the English translation of the page. Just do not forget to add 789 or 378 in the sponsor box to complete registration. Countries accepted are: France and rest of EUROPE, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ALGERIA, MOROCCO.
  •  Veuro: a new site that offers free actions from different parner sites. Actions vary from signing up to newsletter to creating account. All actions are free and you get paid for doing it.