Saturday, November 24, 2012

Refund your unused Top Up or Prepaid Mobile Credits

With Remboursez Votre (Top UP Refund), you can simply and rapidly turn your phone credits to cash. How it works?
This site: Remboursez Votre Forfait give you the chance to take back your extra mobile credits into cash by simply making an account for free with their site. From their site, you have lots of special numbers to call. You have to make sure that you are connected on your account when making a call to these numbers. For each call or text message send that you pay via your mobile credits, you get 60-70% percent of what you paid in a matter of seconds.
For example, if you make a call to one of the numbers they propose that costs 1,37 euros, you get 1,00 euros cash back in a matter of seconds, transferred to your Remboursez Votre forfait account.
All of these calls are not added into your telephone bill but rather deducted from your mobile credit.

Make sure that your mobile subscription is qualified for refund. If you have a top up account or pre-paid account, there is no problem, you can get back all your unused credit or loads before they expires.

All cash earn via the site are paid in a matter of minutes via paypal, or check or money transfer.
Countries accepted for the moment are: France, France outre-mer, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Netherlands, Romania