Thursday, January 12, 2012

MediaCash: Hi-tech Galore for Apple Fanatics!

Want to exchange your Iphone or Ipad for a better one? Rent an Apple product?
Yes, it is possible now through this site that I discovered recently. An interesting online shop called Mediacash, an authourized reseller of Apple and other hi-tech products. In fact, they are the bigger Apple specialist online after Apple Store. They do Buy / Sell / Rent / Trade-in  for individuals and professionalsThey also have refurbished or used and new computers that you can choose from and they go with really interesting price. What I like about this site is that all their products are given with guarantee from 6 months to 3 years.

Mediacash is french and european leader in our market since 1996 that sell, buy, rent, trade-in, exchange multi-media High-Tech equipments for individuals and professionals everywhere in the world.
If you do not move of on your premise, at the house or at the office, they deliver equipments in residence to you, and they repurchase at a handsome price your old hardware. You pay only the balance. It is the ideal solution for professionals or private individuals.
They have great choice of used refurbished equipment, revised and guaranteed. And they have great offers  in new material, all manufacturers.

So for Apple fanatics out there who do not want to spend so much cash, try this out!